New River ACEC

New River ACEC

Access: New River Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), located on Croft Lake Lane, about 11 miles south of Bandon. Drive South on 101 until you see the signs for New River on the right.

Setting and Attractions: New River runs parallel and very close to the Pacific Ocean. You’ll see an old cranberry bog, views of the ocean, and if you’re lucky, some lovely water birds on Muddy Lake.

While New River is great at all times of the year, late Spring is a very special time as all of the new growth has begun. You will see the bright blooms of rhododendron and the white blooms on manzanita and madrones. The trees that have grown in this area have struggled against the wind, and have adapted to that struggle with amazing twisted trunks. The best experience in the Spring is to start on the North Trail and then turn right on the Ridge Loop. You can then return to the Nature Center on the North Trail, or follow the Huckleberry Hill Trail through the dunes. Soft Sand makes this the most difficult trail.

Winds force trees to adapt.

New River Trail Guide