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With Help, Hikes Will Resume Soon

With Help, Hikes Will Resume Soon

Hikes have been cancelled since March. I am about to start scheduling hikes again, but to make that possible, there will be certain guidelines to keep all your fellow hikers comfortable:

  1. Hike groups will be limited to 15 people.
  2. You will be asked to contact me via email or Facebook so that I can control the number
  3. Hikers will be asked to maintain social distance on the trail
  4. Hikers will be asked to have face covering (like a bandana) that can be pulled up at tight spots on the trail
  5. Hikers should step off the trail to let others pass
  6. First hikes on the schedule will be nearby so there won’t be a need for carpooling


To keep the group sizes smaller, I would like to offer multiple options for each hike (staggered start times, and different routes). In order to do that, I need people to lead the options.

If you would like to lead a hike, please email me at, and include your contact information:


eMail address:

Phone Number (cell is best):

Hike or trail you can lead:

For a reminder of hiking trails in the region, visit this list.