Heceta Head and Hobbit Trail–Sunday, March 27, 2022

Heceta Head and Hobbit Trail–Sunday, March 27, 2022

The historic and popular Heceta Head Lighthouse sits 150 feet over the ocean and the light started providing aid to navigation in March, 1894. The light still shines, and this hike provides spectacular views both up and down the coast. In addition to the light, you’ll pass the lightkeeper’s home, which is now a bed and breakfast.

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The Hikes:

Long Hikers

  • The more difficult hike (which really isn’t THAT difficult) will start at the Heceta Head parking area, and proceed past the old light keeper’s house to the Heceta Head lighthouse.  From the lighthouse we’ll climb to a viewpoint ABOVE the lighthouse for a unique view of the light, and then over the mountain to the Hobbit Trail.  We’ll take the Hobbit Trail to the beach, and then return over the same route to the parking lot.  That will be a distance of about four miles over well maintained trails.  The difficulty is in the elevation gain (over 500 feet) in both directions.

For a Shorter Hike

  • Shorter distance hikers who want to avoid the climb will start out with the long hikers and will proceed to the viewpoint above the lighthouse.  This group will then return to the parking area and drive to a turnout about .9 miles North.  From there you will proceed down the Hobbit trail to the beach.  You will probably run into the ‘long hikers’ along this trail.  Each leg of this hike is about a mile, for a total of two miles.

Location and Time

We will meet at 9:30 at the Fred Meyer parking lot on the North side of Florence.  We should gather near the gas station at the north end of the lot.  That way we will have an opportunity to consolidate vehicles.  There is a day use fee ($5.00) at the Heceta Head parking lot, and while the parking in other locations (the ‘turnout’ and Washburn SP) is free, the space at the turnout is limited.

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