Coos County Odyssey 2022

Coos County Odyssey 2022

“Race” around Coos County, Oregon in this virtual odyssey that will take the participants through some of the most unique locations in the county.

Participants can exercise in a number of different ways (walk, hike, run, bike, paddle, yoga, pickleball, golf, ski…) to earn miles on the virtual platform.

You report the miles you walk, or take the equivalent credit for other exercise activities, and your progress will take you along the map below. You will receive virtual badges at each location.

Some Key Information About the Challenge

  • It’s a ‘Virtual’ event. You don’t actually travel the route. You walk or hike wherever you want and credit those miles to advance on the route.
  • It’s more than walking. Almost any physical activity can earn you credit. In many cases, 30 minutes of sustained activity earns you a mile.
  • During the sign-up process you have the option to join or form a team. Teams encourage each other to complete the challenge.
  • It isn’t a race. Everyone who completes the challenge will be a winner.
  • This event is open to anyone, anywhere. Because it’s virtual you might earn miles by paddling in the Everglades, or walking the streets of a European city.

You can form teams and compete with and motivate your friends and family to start the year off right, achieving your fitness goals, while helping families get access to nutritious food and professional advice on nutrition. 

The Coos County Friends of Public Health are hosting this event and all proceeds will go to the local Women, Infants, & Children (WIC) Special Supplemental Nutrition program benefiting expecting mothers and children. 

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