Re-Scheduled Hanging Rock Hike, Sunday June 20

Re-Scheduled Hanging Rock Hike, Sunday June 20

Registration Required. Registration form HERE. If you registered for this hike on June 13 you don’t need to register. I will contact you.

This hike (and the view it offers) is well worth the drive time to get to the trail head.

Hanging Rock, in the Wild Rogue River Wilderness is perched at 3500 ft overlooking the Rogue River canyon and the rapids below.  The hike to the rock itself is a 1.9 mile round trip. That will be the Short Hike.  Those wanting a longer hike can extend the hike by following the Panther Ridge Trail along the ridge for another two miles, stopping for a lunch break in a clearing on the trail, and returning to the trailhead (an ‘out and back’ hike along the ridge)

The Panther Ridge trail winds along this high ridge under magnificent stands of old growth timber with rhododendron and scrub oak and nests of bear grass.  

Hikers who have taken this hike in the past may recall that we set up a shuttle and hiked further on the Panther Ridge trail. By doing an out and back we’re eliminating the shuttle, saving the time, and reducing concerns about spreading COVID.

You might want to finish the day with optional trips to Coquille Falls (1 mile moderate–steep climb back up) and Elk Creek Falls (.25 miles easy),  which are both on our way back toward Powers.  

Coquille River Falls

Bring at least 1 liter of water if you are taking the short hike and at least 2 if you plan on taking the longer hike.   Pack a lunch.

Boots and walking sticks are recommended.

Location and Time

Those coming from Coos Bay (or North), Bandon, Coquille, or Port Orford should gather in Myrtle Point at the OSU County Extension office before 8:00. At 8:00 we will begin to caravan 45 SLOW miles to the trailhead. We’ll stop at a couple of rest stops along the way. (This assumes that Port Orford hikers will come through Bandon. If you wish to go to Powers via the Sixes River Road, you could meet us at the Powers County Park at 8:30)

Directions to County Extension office in Myrtle Point:  From Coquille travel on Hwy 42 to Myrtle Point. As you enter town turn right on Ash St. then right on 6th street then right on Alder St.  Extension office is at 631 Alder St.

If you are coming from Gold Beach (or South), you might want to meet us at the Coquille River Falls Trailhead. You can find directions here: Trip to Coquille River Falls Trailhead. If you plan to do that, email so that we know to expect you. Plan to be there at 9:30.

We should be at the Hanging Rock Trailhead by 10:00.

Directions to the trailhead

While it would be best to caravan, if you miss the departure time, or if you want to do this hike on your own, here are links to directions to the trailhead:

From Gold Beach

From Coos Bay

From Bandon

From Port Orford Note–These directions take you via the Sixes River Road to Powers. That’s shorter (mileage-wise) than going through Bandon, but the road conditions aren’t as good.

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