Hike Leaders Needed

Hike Leaders Needed

From Tom Orsi:

There are two things that are preventing group hikes from re-starting. The first is the large number of COVID-19 cases in Coos County, which makes it risky to hang out in large groups. That will end soon, so if that was the only problem, hikes would resume.

Unfortunately, the second problem doesn’t seem to be going away. We need people to lead hikes, and the last time I asked for volunteers, only one person came forward. We need several people who are ready to lead. One person can’t lead every hike, and the one person who HAS been leading the hikes needs to step back and either enjoy the hikes from the back, or have the flexibility to do something else on hike days.

To volunteer, send an email to hikes@coostrails.com

I have all the resources to schedule and plan hikes, but I need human resources to lead. Please email me at hikes@coostrails.com about your willingness to lead, and note which hikes you might want to lead. Include your phone number.

Find out about hike leader responsibilities on this page.

Once I have a few people willing to do this, I’ll schedule a Zoom meeting so that we can agree on a schedule.

Some potential hikes that we could schedule soon:

South SloughThis is a fairly easy hike, and it’s a good time of year to do it because the skunk cabbages are in bloom
Sunset Bay to Cape Arago.This will avoid the Pack Trail and the Perimeter Trail, which have some problems with downed trees
Golden and Silver FallsGood flow at this time of year, and wildflowers. We probably won’t do the walk out to the old homestead, opting instead to hike to two viewpoints of each of the falls
Bastendorff BogThis is a hike from Sunset Bay to Yoakum point, a fairly easy hike through the woods followed by some good views at Yoakum Point.
Sweet Creek FallsIt’s a trip to get there, but once there we will see great views along the creek, and multiple viewpoints of the falls.
Tahkenitch DunesCombines woods, dunes, and a beach walk…a little of everything the coast has to offer.
Blacklock Point from Floras LakeA beautiful walk through the woods and along the coast with great views along the way. It’s a well defined trail.
Siltcoos LakeA 4 mile loop through a coastal forest of Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir to the shores of the largest freshwater lake on the Oregon coast.  The hike can be lengthened with a hike along the Siltcoos River to the beach.
Name your hikeIf there is a hike you want to lead that’s not listed here, just suggest it.

Email hikes@coostrails.com to volunteer as a hike leader!

We Will Continue to Follow Hike Guidelines

  1. Hike groups will be limited to 15 people.
  2. You will be asked to complete a registration form so that we can control the number.
  3. Hikers will be asked to maintain social distance (as much as 10-12 feet) on the trail
  4. Hikers will be asked to have face covering (like a bandana) that can be pulled up at tight spots on the trail
  5. Hikers should step off the trail to let others pass

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