Scheduled Hikes Remain Suspended

Scheduled Hikes Remain Suspended

From Tom Orsi:

People have asked me when the hiking schedule will be resumed. I have been holding off on scheduling new hikes for two reasons:

First, Coos County is still at the “Extreme Risk” level for COVID-19. It seems inappropriate to hold group events that have typically exceeded the 15 person limit. It was okay on hikes like Dellenback Dunes, where we could spread out, but it’s more challenging where there are narrow trails. While most hikers have adhered to the ‘social distancing’ guidelines, not all have, and I don’t want to have to be in the ‘enforcer’ position.

The second is that I need more people to step up to volunteer to lead hikes. I could have (and did) split up groups on some of the hikes using additional leaders, but I haven’t had enough volunteers. Also, I can’t lead all of the hikes, so I need people to take on the leadership roles.

If you are willing to lead hikes, please email me at Include your phone number, and a list of trails on which you want to lead hikes. I will include you in the planning process.

Take Short Local Hikes
Meanwhile, even if we aren’t having group hikes, I urge you to take advantage of the trails in our region. Here are some suggestions for fairly short nearby hikes that you might want to take (fitting them into clear spots in our unpredictable coastal weather.
Bluebill Lake and Wild Mare Trail
This is a short hike with the trailhead off of Horsfall Beach Road (north of the McCullough Bridge). It offers varied terrain and lovely views. There is a trail map at the link above.
Bluebill Lake
South Slough
Nearby, and always beautiful. March is a good time to see the skunk cabbage blooms.

South Slough

New River

You can usually find trail maps at the trail head. The trails are well marked.

New River
Port Orford Heads

The link above will take you to the park brochure. It shows the trails, which are well marked.


We need volunteers to lead hikes, both to keep the groups smaller and so that there can be more options.

If you would like to lead a hike, please email me at
Include your contact information:

eMail address:
Phone Number (cell is best):
Hike or trail you can lead:

You can find a list of trails on this page.

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