Virtual Group Hike–August 15-17

Virtual Group Hike–August 15-17

The hikes should be real. The GROUP will be virtual. Hike anywhere on the South Coast, by yourself, or with a small group of friends, and take photos. Post your photos on the facebook group or send them via email to Feel free to add maps and short videos, if appropriate.

Pick your hike by looking at the hike descriptions. Choose your own start and end times and companions. Just send pictures so others can learn about our trails.

In addition to the hike descriptions on the website, there are a number of good books about our local trails. See the resources page. Most books are on sale at local bookstores, and at the Coos History Museum.

Don’t limit yourselves to our beautiful coastal beaches and forests, there are great opportunities for ‘in town’ hikes. Some examples are:

Bandon Historical Healthy Hikes

The Sawmill and Tribal Trails (Download the brochure and marker descriptions . They might be slightly out of date, but it’s still a great walk).

A Coos Bay History Walk…Start at the Coos History Museum, walk down Front Street toward the Boardwalk. Walk through downtown toward Mingus Park. Walk around Mingus Park, and return.

Other Healthy In Town Walks

Walking in North Bend

Walking in Coos Bay

Empire Lakes

What are the Hikes on the Zoom Screen?

Blacklock Point, Cape Mountain, Millacoma Marsh, Heceta Head, Hanging Rock, Port Orford Heads, Sweet Creek, Bandon History, Bastendorff Beach

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