Month: August 2020

Sunset Bay to Cape Arago

Sunset Bay to Cape Arago

Saturday August 22

Requires Registration–Registration Form

This hike is limited to 15 people, but if demand is high (and we have enough leaders) we can stagger start times. Also, there is a short hike option that goes from Sunset Bay to Shore Acres and back.

To volunteer to lead, send an email to

Hike Description:   The whole hike goes from Sunset Bay Day Use Area, along the coast through Shore Acres up to the Simpson Reef Overlook. From there we’ll cross the road and follow a trail that meets the pack trail. We’ll go up (and down, then up again)the pack trail, and eventually we’ll turn onto the perimeter trail, which will take us back toward Shore Acres. From Shore Acres we’ll take a shorter route back to Sunset Bay. The total hike is 8.5 miles. The highest elevation is 570 feet, but because we go up and down, we’ll have 1000 feet of climbing.

Short Hike–This will just go to Shore Acres and back. It will be under four miles, all pretty level. I need a volunteer to lead the short hike…or you will need to return on your own.

Another option–You can hike as far as Simpson Reef, and then return. This will be almost 8 miles, but it’s all level. You’ll be on your own for the return.

New Hike Guidelines

  1. Hike groups will be limited to 15 people.
  2. You will be asked to complete a registration form so that we can control the number.
  3. Hikers will be asked to maintain social distance (as much as 10-12 feet) on the trail
  4. Hikers will be asked to have face covering (like a bandana) that can be pulled up at tight spots on the trail
  5. Hikers should step off the trail to let others pass

Other Information

The restrooms at the Sunset Bay Day use area are closed, but the restrooms at the beach (just to the North are open, so stop there on the way in. There are restrooms at Shore Acres (at about the 2.2 and 7 mile points of the hikes).

For those on the long hike, we’ll be stopping for lunch at the junction with the perimeter trail. We suggest you might want to snack at the Simpson Reef Overlook, because lunch will be later than usual.

Location and Time

Location and Time

Meet 9:30 am at Sunset Bay day use parking lot, near volley ball courts and restrooms (closed) at south end of Sunset Bay.  The short version of the hike will end before noon(unless you spend time in the gardens), and the long version at 2:30.

Driving Directions:  From Hwy 101 in downtown Coos Bay follow the signs 12.3 miles through Charleston to Sunset Bay State Park.  Park in the day use parking lot.

Remember to complete registration form.

Virtual Group Hike–August 15-17

Virtual Group Hike–August 15-17

The hikes should be real. The GROUP will be virtual. Hike anywhere on the South Coast, by yourself, or with a small group of friends, and take photos. Post your photos on the facebook group or send them via email to Feel free to add maps and short videos, if appropriate.

Pick your hike by looking at the hike descriptions. Choose your own start and end times and companions. Just send pictures so others can learn about our trails.

In addition to the hike descriptions on the website, there are a number of good books about our local trails. See the resources page. Most books are on sale at local bookstores, and at the Coos History Museum.

Don’t limit yourselves to our beautiful coastal beaches and forests, there are great opportunities for ‘in town’ hikes. Some examples are:

Bandon Historical Healthy Hikes

The Sawmill and Tribal Trails (Download the brochure and marker descriptions . They might be slightly out of date, but it’s still a great walk).

A Coos Bay History Walk…Start at the Coos History Museum, walk down Front Street toward the Boardwalk. Walk through downtown toward Mingus Park. Walk around Mingus Park, and return.

Other Healthy In Town Walks

Walking in North Bend

Walking in Coos Bay

Empire Lakes

What are the Hikes on the Zoom Screen?

Blacklock Point, Cape Mountain, Millacoma Marsh, Heceta Head, Hanging Rock, Port Orford Heads, Sweet Creek, Bandon History, Bastendorff Beach