Blacklock Point from Floras Lake–Sunday, June 28

Blacklock Point from Floras Lake–Sunday, June 28

This hike is limited to 15 people, but if demand is high (and we have enough leaders) we can stagger start times.

Requires Registration–Registration Form

Join us for this rugged 8.2 mile journey from Floras Lake to Blacklock Point along the lake,  through densely wooded trails and exposed rocky points with beautiful ocean views.

A beautiful hike that is mostly level, and the trail is in excellent condition. It begins (and ends) with soft sand, but by staying near the lake you will have pretty solid footing.

This hike is rated difficult, but that’s mainly due to the length. Because it’s an ‘out and back,’ the distance can be shortened by turning around at any point.

Dress in layers, windbreaker with a hood is highly recommended.  Bring water and something to eat (lunch).

Plan on 4-5 hours for this hike if you don’t return early. There is a ‘restroom’ at the trailhead that’s usually in pretty rough shape. People have used the campground restroom in the past.

New Hike Guidelines

  1. Hike groups will be limited to 15 people.
  2. You will be asked to complete a registration form so that we can control the number.
  3. Hikers will be asked to maintain social distance (as much as 10-12 feet) on the trail
  4. Hikers will be asked to have face covering (like a bandana) that can be pulled up at tight spots on the trail
  5. Hikers should step off the trail to let others pass

Location and Time

Meet at 9:30 at Boice-Cope County Park. If the demand is high, and we have a leader, we will have a second starting time about 20 minutes later.

NOTE: There is a $5 Day Use Fee at Boice-Cope Park. In the past this has sometimes even been enforced on vehicles parked on the road.

Directions: From Bandon or Coos Bay, travel south on Hwy. 101 to Langlois. Go 1/2 mile past Langlois and turn right (west) on Floras Lake Loop Road. Follow the signs 3 miles to Floras Lake and Boice-Cope County Park.

Remember to complete registration form.

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