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Volunteers Needed!

We need your help!

The South Coast Striders needs some volunteers to help with some of our upcoming events.  Some of our regular hike leaders have conflicts that will prevent them from leading hikes, and we have one event (The Women's Health Coalition 'Lets Walk and Talk' event at Mingus Park) for which we need help in setting up.  See more below.  You can volunteer by going to the Volunteer Form.

Let's Walk and Talk Event, May 20 (Saturday)


Two or three Volunteers need to arrive at Mingus Park early on Saturday to help place motivational signs along the paths that the walkers will be taking.  It will probably take no more than an hour.  After that, you are free to walk and talk and visit the vendor tables.  I'll give my volunteers raffle tickets that you can use to win prizes from the vendors.


I also need one person to act as 'sweep' (keeping track of stragglers) on the long walk, which I will probably lead.  The sweep can also gather up the motivational signs.


I'll do the final pick up, so volunteers don't need to hang out for the whole event...but the prize drawings are at the end, so you might want to stay.

Hike "Helpers" or back up leaders


I expect to be on the hikes below, but I will need someone to help


The specific hikes for which I need helpers are:


April 2--Sweet Creek Falls (I'll be there)


June 2--Hanging Rock and Panther Ridge


July 8--Iron Mountain--I have changed the route this year, so I plan to be there but I need someone who has experience with the location of the trail head.


August 12--Kentucky Falls--Because there are two versions of this hike, I definitely need volunteers.


Aug 27--Siltcoos Lake--Pretty easy hike to lead on well marked trails

Hike Leaders


I may not be at these hikes, and may well need to cancel without leaders.


April 15--Long hike at Euphoria Ridge (Dave Gray)


Sep 17--Mount Bolivar


Sep 30--Tahkenitch Dunes


Oct 15--Dellenback Dunes


Oct 25--South Slough Trails

Hike Leaders, or back up leaders


Some of our hikes are without leaders.  If we don't find leaders for them, they will need to be canceled.   Others simply need helpers who can act as 'sweeps.

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