New River  Muddy Lake Trail


Length: 1.4 mile (one way) 

Difficulty: Easy 

Surface: Dirt, sand, packed gravel


From Coos Bay, drive 24 miles south on US 101 to Bandon.  Continue south past Bandon 5 miles to Croft Road.  Turn right (west) on Croft Road.  Continue down road until you reach a “Y” intersection in 1.5 miles (road turns to gravel).  Take the right fork past the cranberry bogs, passing through a gate and around a bend to the New River BLM interpretive area/greeting center.  Maps and trail information are located at the kiosk next to the site host.  

Setting and Attractions: 

New River is an 1100-acre Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), an area that the Bureau of Land Management has determined requires special attention for entire ecosystems, plants or animals.  New River offers excellent opportunities for visitors to experience an appreciation for coastal habitats and species within them.  A careful observer to the area may see a bald eagle, western lily, peregrine falcon, western pond turtle, a western snowy plover, or numerous other species.   

Trail Description: 

The East Muddy Lake trail begins on the left side of the River Road if heading west from the Greeting Center.  After you cross the bridge, you will enter several different plant communities: an open meadow, a coastal shore pine forest, and finally out to the edge of a freshwater lake.  The trail turns into a packed gravel path once you are at the lake.  This portion of the trail is wheelchair accessible from here out to the River Road’s west entrance.  There is handicapped parking at the junction of the trail and road.  Also on this portion of the trail, you will find an access road that leads to an excellent spot to view birds along the river.  The River Road and Muddy Lake trails are also an excellent loop for bicyclists.  

For more information, trail conditions and maps contact: Coos Bay District BLM at (541)756-0100 or visit their web site at

For a map of the trails click here.
This map is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.