Millicoma Marsh



Length: 0.5 mile (to viewing deck)

Difficulty: Easy

Surface: Dirt, gravel


From US 101 at south end of Coos Bay, follow sign to Allegany.  Cross Isthmus Slough Bridge and remain on 6th Avenue.  Go north for 0.5 mile and follow binocular symbol signs at D Street (turn left on D Street, right on 4th Avenue, and right down driveway to field or along street above).  Trailhead is located at the east side of the track north of gazebo.

Setting and Attractions:  

The trail meanders through fresh and saltwater marshes with great opportunities to view wildlife.  The Millicoma Marsh Trail accesses one of the Coos Estuary’s few remaining salt marshes.    Most of the trails traverse freshwater marshes that have developed on landfill from dredge disposal activity of the shipping industry in Coos Bay.  Since the last filling activity in 1985, these marshes can be seen as early successional wetland ecosystems.  Wetland grasses, rushes, sedges, and cattail are well established.  Willow, Red Alder, Shore Pine, Sitka Spruce, Madrone, and Douglas-fir are providing more cover for wildlife.  Shorebirds, waterfowl, and raptors are commonly seen from the trail.  Evidence of raccoon, black tailed deer, beaver, bats, and moles can be found by the curious and watchful.

Trail Description:  

The trail heads east from the scoreboard.  Beyond the second sheltered bench, 0.2 mile, the trail forks. The trail to the right (east) ends at a viewing deck with an excellent view of the salt marsh and the surrounding area.  The trail to the left (north), on Port of Coos Bay property, loops back to the athletic field in 1 mile. Interpretive panels are located along several points of the Millicoma Marsh Trail describing themes such as “Wetlands and Human Activities.”