Hiking for Health with the South Coast Striders

The South Coast Striders is a hiking group which plans and delivers free hikes in cooperation with the Bay Area Hospital, and the Coos County Women's Health Coalition.  We are just a bunch of hikers who hike regularly and welcome others to come along.


If you are new to hiking with us (or just want to refresh yourself), check out the New Participants' Guide and "Things you should consider before you begin hiking."


For additional information or to receive notification of upcoming hikes - send email to southcoaststriders@gmail.com.


Southcoast Striders Upcoming Hikes

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  • August 6 (Sunday--10:oo)--Bandon Historical Hike

    Join archaeologist and historian, Reg Pullen for a  4 mile walking tour of Bandon.  Reg  will share all the local lore and colorful history of Bandon while touring various historical points of interest.


     The total hike is 4 miles, rated moderate to difficult with some sand walking involved and should last 2.5 to 3 hours.


    The first part of the walk will take place in “Old Town Bandon” and if you aren’t up for the longer beach walk you can end your walk there.


    Dress appropriately for the weather.  A windbreaker with a hood is recommended for the beach section along with a walking stick.  Bring water.  You might want to pack a lunch to eat on the Bandon Boardwalk, or you might want to plan to eat at one of Bandon's many fine lunch spots.

    We will meet at 10:00 in Public Parking lot in Old Town Bandon at the corner of 2nd St SE and Alabama Ave.


    Directions – From Hwy 101 in Bandon, turn onto 2nd St SE and go south 3 blocks to corner of Alabama Ave.  Lot is just ahead of you at the corner.


    Suggested Carpool sites and departure times—

    • Coos Bay Visitor Center  9:15,
    • Coquille Visitor Center 9:15,
    • Dune Information Center in Reedsport 8:50
    • Battle Rock Park Visitor Center in Port Orford  9:15.
  • August 12 (Saturday--8:00)--Kentucky Falls and North Fork Smith River

    Our first hike is to Kentucky Falls and back. Kentucky Falls area offers views of 3 waterfalls two of which drop over 100 feet.  This hike is 2.2 miles down to falls then 2.2 miles back on switchback trail.  It is rated moderate to difficult.  Plan on 3.5 hours to complete the hike with plenty of time to relax, eat lunch, enjoy the falls and then walk back up the switch back trail at your leisure.


    For those who want a more challenging hike join  Kim Griffin and Dave Gray as they continue another 6.5 miles down along the N. Fork Smith River trail.  The trail winds back and forth over several rustic bridges through old growth forest of Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Western Red Cedar and Big Leaf Maples. We will make a side trip to the cable suspension bridge and eat lunch along the creek and  soak our tired feet.  Bring a towel.


    The long hike is rated most difficult with two wet stream crossings and climbing through and around down trees and small landslides and through salmonberry. Participants should plan on 6.5  hours for the total 9 miles of hiking.


    The long hike will require a shuttle.


     Long sleeve shirts, long pants, gloves, and some strap on sandals for wet crossings are required.


    Bring lunch and water and raingear, dress in layers, and wear sturdy waterproof boots.

    We will leave the Dune Information Center parking lot in Reedsport at 8:00 am--Caravan to site


    Directions – From Coos Bay Visitor Center in downtown Coos Bay travel 26.6 miles N on Hwy 101. Visitor center is on left directly opposite the turnoff for Hwy 38.  We will leave from the Dune Information Center at 8:00 and reach the Kentucky Falls trail head around 9:30.  Some gravel roads and pot holes are on our route so we will go easy.


    Suggested Carpool sites and departure times—

    • Reedsport Visitor Center  - 8:00,
    • Bay Area Visitor Center—7:15,
    • Rays in Bandon—6:40,
    • Coquille Visitor Center—6:40,
    • Battle Rock Park Visitor Center—6:10
  • August 27 (Sunday--10:00)--Siltcoos Lake Trails

    The Siltcoos Lake trail makes a 4 mile loop through a coastal forest of Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir to the shores of the largest freshwater lake on the Oregon coast.  It is a rolling trail but has a few steep places in it.   Paddlers might want to use this opportunity to check out the Siltcoos River Trail .


    Bring plenty of water, lunch and dress appropriately for the weather.


    If it is raining this trail can be a little muddy in places, so waterproof boots are recommended.


    Longer Hike


    While we are in the neighborhood we can cross the highway and  take the Waxmyrtle trail out to the beach and back.    This is an additional 3 mile round trip.


    Dog owners:  Dogs will not be permitted on the beach because of Snowy Plover nesting restrictions, but they can go near to the beach and turn around.


    This is a National Forest Service day use area .

    A $5 day use fee per vehicle or appropriate pass is required for parking at this trailhead.



    Meet at 10:00 at trailhead parking lot.

    Directions to Siltcoos Lake Trail:   Travel on Highway 101 to trailhead parking on East side of highway 7 miles South of Florence near milepost marker 198.


    Suggested Carpool sites and departure times:

    • Coos Bay Visitor Center 8:45am,
    • Coquille Visitor Center 8:15am,
    • Ray’s in Bandon 8:15am,
    • OSU Ext.  Myrtle Point 8:00am,
    • Reedsport Visitor Center 9:25am,
    • Battle Rock Park 7:35am.



  • September 17 (Sunday--8:00)--Mount Bolivar (Check schedule before the hike--it may be cancelled)

    Join us for a 1.4 mile hike to the summit of Mount Bolivar which at 4319 feet is the highest peak in the Oregon Coast Range. The trail is only 1.4 miles to the summit on a series of switchbacks but the elevation gain is 1160 feet.


    Not to worry, just take your time and enjoy the many views and the amazing variety of plant life along your way in the Wild Rogue Wilderness and soon you will reach the summit and a wide open

    view in every direction.


    This is a difficult trail, so walking sticks and boots with good ankle support are highly recommended.


    Bring plenty of water, lunch and dress appropriately for both heat and windy exposed areas.


    If the 2.8 mile trip up Mt. Bolivar and back isn’t enough for you. You can do a 1 mile hike to Coquille Falls and back or a .25 mile hike to Elk Creek Falls or a 2 mile hike on the Big Tree trail or

    just hang out at Elk Creek Falls and cool your aching feet in the creek before returning.

    Meet at the OSU County Extension office in Myrtle Point at 8:00.


    Directions to County Extension office in Myrtle Point: From Coquille travel on Hwy 42 to Myrtle Point. As you enter town turn right on Ash St. then right on 6th street then right on Alder St. Extension office is at 631 Alder St.


    NOTE--We will Caravan and carpool (about 90 minutes) to the trailhead.


    Suggested Carpool sites and departure times:

    • Coos Bay Visitor Center 7:00 am
    • Coquille Visitor Center 7:15 am,
    • Ray’s in Bandon 7:00am,
    • OSU Ext. Myrtle Point 8:00am,
    • Reedsport Visitor Center 5:30am.
  • September 30 (Saturday--10:00) Tahkenitch Dunes & Threemile Lake Trails (tentative--date may change)

    Experience the amazing diversity of the Oregon coast range on either of these two hikes.


    You can travel out along the Tahkenitch Dunes Trail as it winds through the woods to where Tahkenitch Creek empties onto the beach and return along the same trail for a 3.5 mile trip out and back.  Participants will return to the parking area on their own.  This hike should last 2.5—3 hours.  Short hikers may want to opt to do the Threemile lake portion to the lake and then return.




    Take a longer more vigorous hike on a 6 mile loop combining the Tahkenitch Dune trail and the Threemile Lake trail.  We will all hike together on the Threemile lake trail through a mature and mossy Spruce forest to Threemile lake, and then pass through the dunes to the beach, and finally return on the Tahkenitch Dune Trail.


    The long  hike is rated difficult and should last 4 hours.


    Bring lunch, plenty of water and dress in layers for hot and sunny to cold, foggy and windy weather.



    Meet at 10:00 at the Day Use Parking Lot


    Directions:  8 miles North of Reedsport on your left , Mile post marker 204 on Hwy 101.


    This is a Forest Service day  use area .


    A $5 day use fee per vehicle or appropriate pass is required for parking at this trailhead.


    Suggested carpool sites and departure times:

    • Coos Bay Visitor Center—8:45,
    • Coquille Visitor Center—8:10,
    • Ray’s in Bandon—8:10,
    • Dunes Information Center in Reedsport—9:35,
    • Battle Rock Park Visitor Center—7:30
  • October 15 (Sunday--10:00) Dellenback Dunes

    Kim Griffin will lead 9 miles total hike to the beach on the John Dellenback Dune Trail then south along the beach  and return across the dunes from near 10 mile creek.  This is a spectacular but very difficult hike in loose sand if it doesn’t rain prior to the hike.  Dress in layers, bring plenty of water and lunch and plan on 5 hours to complete the hike.


    There will be an option to cut your trip short and return "self- guided" to the trail head after a short trip out onto the dunes for a taste of the stark beauty they provide. This hike approximately 2-2.5 miles long and is rated moderate but some walking in deep sand is involved. Trip should last 2 hours.



    We will meet at the Dellenback Dunes Trail head at 10:00.


    Directions:  From Coos Bay Visitor Center, travel north on Hwy. 101 - 15.4 miles to John Dellenback Dunes Trail on left next to S. Eel Creek Campground.


    Carpool Sites and departure times:

    • Bay Area Visitor Center—9:20,
    • Rays in Bandon—8:50,
    • Coquille Visitor Center—8:50,
    • Battle Rock Park Visitor Center—8:10,
    • Reedsport Visitor Center -  9:25


  • October 28 (Saturday--10:00) South Slough Trails

    We will meet at the  South Slough National Estuarine Reserve Interpretive Center parking lot at 10:00 AM.  Then our hike leaders will take us on a series of trails through the reserve, including the Middle Creek trail, the Hidden Creek Trail, the  Tunnel Trail, and the Sloughside trail.  Short hikers can return to the Interpretive Center via the Railroad Trail and the Middle Creek Trail.


    Those wanting a longer hike can take the North Creek Trail back to the Interpretive Center.  Please note that there are no dogs allowed on the North Creek Trail, so if you are bringing your pet, you will be limited to the short hike.


    Hikers wanting to explore more may want to complete the day with some hikes on the South Reserve Trails.


    You can find a brochure about the South Slough trails here.


    Meet at Interpretive Center Parking Lot at 10:00 AM


    Driving Directions:  From the North--From Hwy 101 in downtown Coos Bay follow the signs about 9 miles t0 Charleston.  Shortly after the Charleston drawbridge, take a left on Seven Devils Road.  Follow Seven Devils for 4.1 miles to the Interpretive Center.


    From Bandon (and South):  Follow 101 North to West Beaver Hill Road (9 miles North of Bandon).  Turn left on W. Beaver Hill, toward Charleston.  Follow W. Beaver Hill for 6.1 miles until it becomes Seven Devils Road.  Follow Seven Devils for 2.2 miles to the Interpretive Center.


    From Coquille:  Take 42W toward Coos Bay for 4.5 miles to N. Bank Road.  Take a left on N. Bank and follow it 4.3 miles to W. Beaver Hill Road.  W. Beaver Hill Rd. will cross 101 (with a right turn followed quickly by a left turn) in 2.5 miles.  Follow W. Beaver Hill road 6.1 miles until it becomes Seven Devils.  Follow Seven Devils for 2.2 more miles to the Interpretive Center.


    Suggested Carpool sites and departure times:

    • Coos Bay Visitor Center 8:15,
    • Rays in Bandon— 8:00,
    • Coquille Visitor Center—8:00,
    • Dune Information Center in Reedsport— 7:40.


  • November 19 (Sunday--9:00) Sawmill and Tribal Trail

    The Sawmill & Tribal Trail honors paths developed by Coos tribal ancestors that connected their bayside villages and hunting grounds.  Later settlers also used these trail.  Today we are traveling the Sawmill & Tribal Trail to learn more about our local history and native plant life.


    We will meet at the Empire Boat Ramp parking at 9:00 a.m. then participants can either organize their own carpools for a shuttle to Ferry Road Park.


    You can walk 2 1/4 miles of the trail to Empire from the Lakeshore Drive entrance of John Topits park or walk the entire 5.6 miles of the trail to Empire from the end of Ferry Road in North Bend.


    Citizens from Coos Bay, North Bend, and the Confederated Tribes have all worked together to develop this historic urban trail.


    We hope you enjoy it.!!



    We will meet at the Boat Ramp parking in Empire at 9:00 am then head out to the starting points from there.

    Directions to Empire Docks:  From Hwy 101 - go 2.9 miles west on Newmark Ave. then turn left onto Arago hwy.  Take your first right onto Michigan Ave. and continue to docks.


    Directions to Ferry Road Park:  Go N. on Hwy 101 through North Bend - take the last right turn (Ferry Rd) before the McCullough Bridge and continue. 2 miles to park on your left.


    Directions to Lakeshore Drive Entrance of John Topits Park:  From Hwy 101 - Go west on Newmark Ave. for 1 mile - trun right at light onto Broadway St. - Go .5 miles and turn left on 17th ST.  - continue 1 mile on 17th which turns into 16th then into Lakeshore Drive - Paved pull out and gated park entrance on your left.


  • December 9, 2017 (Saturday--9:00) Blossom Gulch and Beyond

    The long hike will be led by Kim Griffin, who will lead us along Blossom Gulch Trail up to the radio towers, then to Libby Rd and back to Blossom Gulch.  The long hike will be approximately 11 miles, and is rated difficult.  Dress in layers, bring rain gear, plenty of water and lunch, and plan on three to four hours to complete the hike.


    For a short option, hikers can cut the trip short and return from the radio towers.  Hikers taking this option will hike 4 miles.


    Both the long and short hikes begin with a very steep uphill climb.




    We will leave from the Blossom Gulch elementary school at 9:00 am


    Driving Directions:  From the north, take 101 South to Commercial Avenue.  Turn right on Commercial, then left on N 7th Street, then fight onto Central.  After three blocks turn left on S 10th street, which will take you to the school.

    From the South, take 101 North to Elrod Ave.  Take a left on Elrod.  Follow Elrod several blocks to South 10th St.  Turn right on South 10th, and you will be at the school.


    Suggested Carpool Locations & Departure Times:


    • Coquille Visitor Center—8:10
    • Ray’s in Bandon—8:10
    • Dune Information Center in Reedsport—8:05




South Coast Striders